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A World Of Many Clouds

A world of many clouds

A world of many clouds

Cloud infrastructure enables IT organizations to share computer resources across multiple applications and user groups in a dynamic way. Applications, middleware, and infrastructure are no longer tightly coupled and resource allocation is fast and flexible.

There are three key cloud models: private, public and hybrid, and market-focused versions such as community clouds that address specific markets and groups.

Cloud deployment models

A private cloud is where the resources are owned and accessed only by the enterprise, whereas the public cloud is a shared environment. For some applications and organisations, there is a solid business case where core applications will be in a private cloud but some applications and functions exist in the public cloud. This is known as the hybrid cloud.

Over the next few years, we will see enterprise IT departments mix private and public cloud to create their own hybrid clouds. This removes cloud silos where certain classes of applications were moved into the public cloud and then integrated with the private cloud. The hybrid solution will require a significant amount of planning and integration.

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This is part 3 in a serie of posts where I explore the case for hybrid clouds. I will highlight how system integrators and service providers can address these developments as an extension of their existing business model and bring IT to the new cloud reality. Finally, I will outline the importance of choosing the right type of data centre in which to build your cloud solution.

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