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Why Cloud Computing Appeals To Your Customers?

Why cloud computing appeals to your customers?

Why cloud computing appeals to your customers?

As IT budgets continue to be squeezed, companies are looking at ways to cut their IT costs. An increasingly attractive option, Cloud computing, holds out the promise of a cost-efficient, flexible way of delivering IT to the business, by better use of resources.

Enterprise IT is a heterogeneous mix of modern and legacy platforms of many vintages. With the emergence of a variety of cloud service models (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and deployment models (private, public), the enterprise IT of the future will feature a mix of cloud platforms.

Cloud computing is a great fit for some applications and workloads. However, there will always be some data, processes, and applications that will remain on-premise for reasons of regulatory compliance, mission-critical or classified data, control or cost.

Large enterprise IT departments see several benefits from cloud computing. Among these is a more efficient way to manage budgets, IT maintenance and upgrade programmes. This is because cloud computing offers flexible access to IT resources, skills, new technologies and the latest updates and patches for servers, tools and applications. All this without the management, licensing and purchasing headache this would normally involve.

For smaller organisations, cloud computing levels the technology playing field. Access to resources and technologies beyond anything their usual budgets could afford enables them to take their business to the next level. Importantly, they gain access to the people and processes that can help create competitive advantage from these new technologies.

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This is part 2 in a serie of posts where I explore the case for hybrid clouds. I will highlight how system integrators and service providers can address these developments as an extension of their existing business model and bring IT to the new cloud reality. Finally, I will outline the importance of choosing the right type of data centre in which to build your cloud solution.

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