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Welcome to Cloud Boulevard, a blog by JF van der Zwet
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How to move to the cloud

  • 14-03-2014

How to move to the cloud Taking advantage of cloud is more than just simple savings on hardware, software licences and other elements of CAPEX. Fiscally, cloud provides a consistent saving year-on-year and those savings grow with the business. Those…

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The Unpredictability Of Latency

The unpredictability of latency

  • 27-04-2013

The unpredictability of latency Relying on the internet for application connectivity in the cloud introduces a degree of variability and uncertainty around bandwidth, speed and latency. This can be unacceptable to many large and medium sized enterprises, which are increasingly…

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Does Global Really Mean Local

Does “Global” Really Mean “Local”?

  • 21-02-2013

Does "global" really mean "local"? The desire of sovereign nations to have a hand in cloud computing is nowhere more apparent than the European Union - stricter privacy and information controls across the EU have caused problems for social media…

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Need for hybrid cloud explained

  • 20-02-2013

In this podcast for Inside HPC, I talk to Rich Brueckner and present on the need for hybrid clouds in the enterprise and how  cloud test labs let you try before you build.

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Town And Country - JF And Henrik Travelling To NYC


  • 02-02-2013
First introduction, photo of me taken by my brother while travelling from JFK to Manhatten, NYC.
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