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2015 Outlook – Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid

2015 Outlook – Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid

  • 10-02-2015
In 2015, enterprises, systems integrators and service providers will start to realize that the term “hybrid cloud” isn’t so black and white. Hybrid cloud, or better yet, Hybrid IT is a new approach to networking that should create a perfect harmony between on-premise, private, outsourced and public cloud environments.
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How To Find Hybrid Harmony In The Data Center

How to Find Hybrid Harmony in the Data Center

  • 28-10-2014
When it comes to public and private cloud solutions working in conjunction with each other, ‘hybrid harmony’ isn’t really that far away. The challenge is that enterprises expect service providers to meet their capacity demands, without sacrificing the real-time performance. The problem for service providers is one of expectations – enterprises are accustomed to private cloud services, which offer a reliable, low latency, high throughput connection.
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Connectivity Considerations For Cloud Migration

Connectivity considerations for cloud migration

  • 14-09-2014
Large enterprises and Service Providers are quickly realizing that they’ll need to connect directly to their Cloud Providers in order to achieve a hybrid IT reality for themselves or their customers— but few want to do so through open Internet connectivity.
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Benefits Of Direct Connect To The Cloud

Benefits of direct connect to the cloud

  • 26-06-2013
Enterprises will prefer to bypass the Internet to connect to their future cloud environments. Using direct connect options like leased lines or services like Amazon Direct Connect provide a number of key benefits.
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Improving Cloud Latency

Improving cloud latency

  • 22-04-2013

Improving cloud latency It isn’t just poor latency in the cloud but the unpredictable nature of the various network connections between your on-premises applications and your cloud provider that can cause problems task management app. What is needed is some…

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