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Be prepared for cloud on-boarding

  • 27-10-2014

Be prepared for cloud on-boarding Cloud on-boarding can be easy, like forklifting, but it depends on the preparations. First you need to consider what application goes where and then decide if you're going to re-host, re-configure or re-build it. Thats your…

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Choosing A Cloud Provider - Practical Guide To Cloud Onboarding

Choosing the right cloud provider

  • 01-10-2014
A trouble free migration to a cloud environment makes life a lot easier on all stakeholders, but often enterprises are led to believe the process is all smooth sailing. However It’s not as simple as copy and pasting, but with proper planning, you can avoid the headaches.
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JF On Cloud Channel TV

Explaining cloud onboarding

  • 24-09-2014 Explaining cloud onboarding Migrating workloads is the final step of cloud onboarding. Before that there are a couple of steps to take. ##### This video was shot as part of of serie by Cloud Channel TV.

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Connectivity Considerations For Cloud Migration

Connectivity considerations for cloud migration

  • 14-09-2014
Large enterprises and Service Providers are quickly realizing that they’ll need to connect directly to their Cloud Providers in order to achieve a hybrid IT reality for themselves or their customers— but few want to do so through open Internet connectivity.
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7 Essential Steps To Help You Move To The Cloud

7 Essential steps to help you move to the cloud

  • 23-08-2014
Significant challenges for onboarding arise from the fact that most applications running in a legacy IT environment are not designed to run in the cloud. Therefore, successful migration to the cloud is dependent on a careful and thorough planning period. I’ve compiled a list of 7 essential steps to help your business through the onboarding process.
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7 Steps For Moving Apps From The Data Center To The Cloud

Moving apps from the data center to the cloud

  • 26-06-2014
Not surprisingly, the first applications enterprises typically choose to onboard are those already running in a virtualized environment. But not all virtualized applications are ‘cloud friendly.’ As such, enterprises must commit to early planning in order to prepare their workloads for cloud environments. This cloud onboarding process has 7 essential steps.
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How To Get Your Application Cloud Ready

How to get your application cloud ready

  • 31-05-2014
Successful application onboarding to a cloud environment is dependent on a careful planning period. In this post, I will discuss the second critical success factor for migrating applications to the cloud: Getting the Application Cloud Ready.
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Cloud Workload Analysis

Workload Analysis

  • 29-05-2014
No IT department wants to start a cloud migration project without feeling confident that it can deliver a smooth, trouble-free switchover to a cloud environment. To minimise challenges that come with migrating part of the application workload it is important to begin with a comprehensive planning period, including performing a workload analysis.
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Managing A Cloud Based SLA

Managing a cloud based SLA

  • 05-05-2014
Managing a cloud-based SLA starts with two clear lines of separation. The first is what part of the application or service is cloud and what part is not cloud? The second is establishing who is responsible for monitoring: the systems integrator or customer?
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Building A Private Cloud Is A Complex Process

Building a private cloud is a complex process

  • 06-03-2014
Just a few years ago, enterprises were being told that virtualizing their data centre would turn it into a private cloud. While they gained some performance improvements and saved on some CAPEX, they have never achieved the savings or business agility that they expected.
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Watch Full Movie Online And Download Atomica (2017)

  • 24-02-2014
The key ROI for cloud is often seen as savings related to CAPEX. This is a very limited objective and ignores other costs, savings and benefits. It also assumes that the OPEX of moving to cloud can be kept within existing financial budgets.
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