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Welcome to Cloud Boulevard, a blog by JF van der Zwet

Data center expansions and cloud strategies

  • 24-07-2013
Watch this SYS-CON.TV interview where I talk to Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan about Interxion’s latest data center expansions and cloud strategies Data center expansions and cloud strategies in Europe.
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Talking to SYS-CON TV at Cloud Expo West 2012

  • 23-02-2013

"There’s been a lot of talk about cloud in Europe and that means there’s a lot of demand for cloud and also for data center space." Watch this SYS-CON.TV interview where I'm talking to Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan at the 11th…

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Need for hybrid cloud explained

  • 20-02-2013

In this podcast for Inside HPC, I talk to Rich Brueckner and present on the need for hybrid clouds in the enterprise and how  cloud test labs let you try before you build.

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Layers Of Latency - Cloud Complexity And Performance

Layers of Latency – Cloud Complexity and Performance

  • 03-02-2013
To mitigate the growing effects of latency, it’s important to understand what causes it, as well as how enterprises can reduce it. With both the Internet and cloud computing playing a role in how we share and access applications, latency is far more complicated than one might suspect.
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Truth And Lies About Latency In The Cloud

Kodi for Windows PC Download App (Kodi PC)

  • 03-02-2013
Do you ever encounter delays in loading web-based applications and get impatient? Resulting from poor network latency, or how fast data is transferred from one location to another, these delays are frustrating to us as end users, but are far more costly to Internet businesses that depend on lightning-quick Web experiences to keep their customers happily using their services.
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