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Cloud Deployment Models

Understanding cloud deployment models

  • 15-02-2014
Before choosing the right migration path to the cloud it’s important to get a clear understanding about cloud deployment models. There are three key cloud deployment models that underpin the right cloud migration path to take.
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Cloud And Hosting Provider Survey 2013

European cloud and hosting provider survey 2013

  • 06-11-2013
In working with a broad cross-section of cloud and hosting providers , I have gained insight about what drives success in the market. The 2013 survey of over 400 service providers in 17 European countries and the US, examines the state of play in the European cloud market and how service providers are addressing the growing demand for cloud.
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What Apps Go Where - How To Move To The Cloud

What applications go where?

  • 04-11-2013

Not every application is suitable for cloud deployment and advising customers on what applications should be deployed in or out of the cloud can be complicated.

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Cloud Does Not Change The Relationship With Your Customers

Cloud does not change the relationship with your customers

  • 02-11-2013

The role of cloud as a valid IT delivery platform is now accepted by many CIO’s, IT directors and IT organizations, who see it as offering clear advantages. Arriving at this point has been quick and driven mainly by the enterprise Business Units (BU) rather than IT, and that brings challenges that need to be addressed.

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Offering Cloud Services, Getting To The Bottom Line

Getting to the bottom line

  • 30-07-2013
For systems integrators and distributors, there are significant benefits from the delivery of cloud computing to their customer base. Leveraging existing skills and systems, a consistent revenue stream and greater integration with customer business requirements are examples.
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Solving Cloud Management Gaps

Solving cloud management gaps

  • 15-07-2013
Cloud is just another platform for which tools need to be developed to solve management gaps. This is where the development of federated management is having an impact. Without federated tools, enterprise developers will have to write their own management integration or rely on partners, such as system integrators to do it for them.
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Connectivity And Service Level Agreements

Connectivity and Service Level Agreements

  • 08-07-2013
Cloud depends on reliable and fast connectivity. The reliability of the cloud service is part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the customer and the cloud service provider. But there is a challenge when the SLA is breached. Is it the network? The connection? A lack of bandwidth? Apportioning fault takes time?
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Eucalyptus cloud orchestration and Amazon Direct Connect

  • 01-07-2013
Cloud Solutions Engineer Tom Ellis explains Eucalyptus cloud orchestration, API compatibility with Amazon and the benefits this interoperability brings for customers using hybrid cloud solutions. Tom also covers Amazon Direct Connect in the new web user console for interacting with the Eucalyptus cloud.
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Benefits Of Direct Connect To The Cloud

Benefits of direct connect to the cloud

  • 26-06-2013
Enterprises will prefer to bypass the Internet to connect to their future cloud environments. Using direct connect options like leased lines or services like Amazon Direct Connect provide a number of key benefits.
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Enterprise Management 360

Making your move to the cloud: best practices

  • 24-06-2013
Choosing a solid cloud computing strategy to make your move to the cloud can be a real dilemma for many organizations. So what cloud concepts or solutions should we be looking for and which best practices will we most likely benefit from?
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Cloud Building Challenges - Part 2

Cloud building challenges – Part 2

  • 21-06-2013
Cloud infrastructure requires a fast, dedicated, scalable, efficient and resilient network. Each of these is equally important to support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers.
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