The Unpredictability Of Latency

The unpredictability of latency

  • 27-04-2013

The unpredictability of latency Relying on the internet for application connectivity in the cloud introduces a degree of variability and uncertainty around bandwidth, speed and latency. This can be unacceptable to many large and medium sized enterprises, which are increasingly…

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Improving Cloud Latency

Improving cloud latency

  • 22-04-2013

Improving cloud latency It isn’t just poor latency in the cloud but the unpredictable nature of the various network connections between your on-premises applications and your cloud provider that can cause problems task management app. What is needed is some…

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Reducing Latency Has Several Dimensions

Reducing latency has several dimensions

  • 16-04-2013

Reducing latency has several dimensions Now that we have a better understanding of some of the complicating factors, the next step is to start to examine how you can reduce latency in particular segments of your computing infrastructure. In a…

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Understanding Quality Of Service

Understanding Quality of Service

  • 01-04-2013

What traffic is prioritized In the pre-cloud days, Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Quality of Service (QoS) were created to prioritize traffic and to make sure that latency-sensitive applications would have the network resources to run properly.  These agreements were…

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Layers of complexity

  • 28-03-2013

First complicating factor: distributed computing As we said earlier, in the days when everything was contained inside an enterprise data centre, it was easier to locate bottlenecks because the enterprise owned the entire infrastructure from source to destination. But with…

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Understanding The True Effect Of Latency

Understanding the true effect of latency

  • 25-03-2013

Understanding the true effect of latency In the past, latency has had three different measures: roundtrip time (RTT), jitter and endpoint computational speed. Adding trace-routes as a tool, each of these is important to understanding the true effect of latency,…

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Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet in 1974

  • 23-03-2013

Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet in 1974 The year is 1974, and Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet. Standing inside one of those cavernous computer centers that held the massive machines of the day. He’s joined by an Australian television reporter…

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Cloud Infrastructure Requirements

Cloud infrastructure requirements

  • 18-03-2013

Cloud infrastructure requirements While reducing latency is desirable, not every app requires the lowest latencies. Certainly, we have gotten more demanding of our Internet performance as we distribute our applications throughout various cloud-based providers. Many businesses are extremely demanding and…

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Blue Sky Thinking About My Little Cloud

Blue sky thinking about my little cloud

  • 18-03-2013

Blue sky thinking about my little cloud Funny view on the cloud by fashionista Angela Clarke, dissecting the digital world for The Wharf. I found this article waiting to board my plain for Amsterdam at London City Airport. The original article…

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The True Cost Of Latency Can Add Up

The true cost of latency can add up

  • 14-03-2013

The true cost of latency can add up Now that we have some understanding of latency, we also need to understand the costs of it and how it impacts our business. There have been some studies that have examined overall…

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