Cloud Building Challenges - Part 1

Cloud building challenges – Part 1

  • 19-06-2013
Building a cloud infrastructure requires CAPEX. Hardware, software, services, applications, licences, processes, network, connectivity - all require planning and investment. Time is a key factor: getting the planning right is important, but so is time to market. Take too long creating the perfect solution and it will be hard to get noticed and outdated.
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Paul Vian on low-latency, SLA’s and connectivity

  • 12-06-2013
In this video I talk to Paul Vian, Director of Business Development at Internap on how low-latency, SLAs and connectivity are crucial to supporting business critical applications. Paul explains why the cloud is more and more about connectivity and how customers can avoid lock-in and move easily between platforms.
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No Cloud Is An Island

How to get started in the cloud?

  • 11-06-2013
The quickest way to get started in the cloud is to have pre-prepared virtual machines instances (VMI) that can be deployed via a self-service menu. But there are several other key tasks to be undertaken to start in the cloud.
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Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Hybrid cloud adoption

  • 10-06-2013
Enterprises will pick and choose applications and vendors based on their business needs, thus creating a diverse and heterogeneous cloud environment. Some of the aspects of cloud infrastructure working in sync with on-premise or private environments include...
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Cloud pioneer Tony Lucas on ‘Bento Boxes’

  • 07-06-2013
Tony Lucas, Founder and SVP of Product at Flexiant discusses Cloud orchestration and the birth of Cloud computing. Tony Lucas and his team built the very first European public Cloud platform in 2007 and have been a pioneering cloud software provider ever since. Tony also explains Flexiant’s newest feature – ‘Bento Boxes’ – which allow companies to build preconfigured application stacks which deploy complex applications easily in one click.
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Which Cloud Is Best Fit For Your Needs

Benefits of hybrid cloud

  • 05-06-2013
Enterprises see both advantages and disadvantage with public cloud. On the negative side, poor or no federated security, a lack of integration with management tools, no enterprise-ready data access controls and compliance issues. The latter will be a significant concern as compliance penalties get harsher and regulators begin to crack down on bad behavior.
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Mitesh Patel on connectivity and high availability

  • 03-06-2013
Mitesh Patel, Managing Director at Fifosys, talks about the importance of having partnered with a data center provider who can ensure the security, power resilience and connectivity they needed to deliver the highest levels of availability. Mitesh Patel explains how Fifosys is successful and creates value for its customers in a highly competitive and growing market. “To deliver the highest levels of availability, we had to go to a data center provider that had the infrastructure, the power and the services that were at the highest levels of reliability".
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Cloud Deployment Models

A world of many clouds

  • 31-05-2013
Cloud infrastructure enables IT organizations to share computer resources across multiple applications and user groups in a dynamic way. Applications, middleware, and infrastructure are no longer tightly coupled and resource allocation is fast and flexible.
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Why Cloud Appeals To Your Customers

Why cloud computing appeals to your customers?

  • 29-05-2013
As IT budgets continue to be squeezed, companies are looking at ways to cut their IT costs. An increasingly attractive option, Cloud computing, holds out the promise of a cost-efficient, flexible way of delivering IT to the business, by better use of resources.
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Alex Bligh on how to productize cloud

  • 26-05-2013

Alex Bligh on how to productize cloud In this video Alex Bligh, COO at Flexiant, explains the benefits of cloud adoption for enterprises and how this helps cloud service providers to productize their cloud offering. “It’s all very well having a…

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Take Advantage Of Application Migration To The Cloud

Take advantage of application migration to the cloud

  • 29-04-2013

Take advantage of application migration to the cloud The role of cloud as an IT delivery platform is now accepted by many CIO’s, IT directors and IT organizations, who recognize the flexibility and scalability advantages. Cloud implementation has been quick and driven…

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