Managing A Cloud Based SLA

Managing a cloud based SLA

  • 05-05-2014
Managing a cloud-based SLA starts with two clear lines of separation. The first is what part of the application or service is cloud and what part is not cloud? The second is establishing who is responsible for monitoring: the systems integrator or customer?
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The Cloud Opportunity: 7 Factors For Defining Success

The cloud opportunity: 7 Factors for defining success

  • 03-04-2014
Most of the hype surrounding cloud often comes with a US perspective, particularly considering the provenance of the market’s heavyweights. But despite the US enjoying great success in this area the European market landscape is a completely different challenge. So what can European hosting companies do to cut through the noise of the competition and be heard in the cloud market? Here are 7 key success factors that will help any hosting company transform the way they are approaching and capitalizing on cloud computing.
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Cloudscape UK Cloud Landscape

Examining the UK cloud landscape

  • 20-03-2014
The advent of the cloud and the now thousands of providers competing for business means it can be difficult to choose a reputable provider that best meets your cloud needs. IT industry analyst firm The METISfiles has produced a Cloudscape displaying a snapshot of the most important UK IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers.
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Application On-boarding Cloud Expo Europe 20140227 VPDF - Slide18

How to move to the cloud

  • 14-03-2014

How to move to the cloud Taking advantage of cloud is more than just simple savings on hardware, software licences and other elements of CAPEX. Fiscally, cloud provides a consistent saving year-on-year and those savings grow with the business. Those…

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Building A Private Cloud Is A Complex Process

Building a private cloud is a complex process

  • 06-03-2014
Just a few years ago, enterprises were being told that virtualizing their data centre would turn it into a private cloud. While they gained some performance improvements and saved on some CAPEX, they have never achieved the savings or business agility that they expected.
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Watch Full Movie Online And Download Atomica (2017)

  • 24-02-2014
The key ROI for cloud is often seen as savings related to CAPEX. This is a very limited objective and ignores other costs, savings and benefits. It also assumes that the OPEX of moving to cloud can be kept within existing financial budgets.
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SLA Requirements For Cloud

SLA requirements for cloud

  • 21-02-2014
One of the most important requirements for cloud delivery is the SLA. With applications and data in the cloud, the SLA requirements for cloud have to reflect the change of business process and the risk to customers of not being able to access applications or data.
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The Expanding Reach Of Cloud In 2014

The expanding reach of cloud in 2014

  • 20-02-2014
Most of the IT industry is in agreement that cloud computing will continue to grow throughout 2014 (scratch the surface and the figures will blow your mind!). As such, the enterprise IT department is becoming an important hub in most organizations, taking the lead on strategic decisions rather than remaining in the background.
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Choose the right cloud migration path

  • 18-02-2014
After choosing the cloud deployment model that fits your application your next step is to pick the cloud migration path. Each of these has their pros and cons and offers opportunity for the systems integrator to add value.
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Cloud Deployment Models

Understanding cloud deployment models

  • 15-02-2014
Before choosing the right migration path to the cloud it’s important to get a clear understanding about cloud deployment models. There are three key cloud deployment models that underpin the right cloud migration path to take.
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