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Choosing The Right Cloud Provider

Choosing the right cloud provider

Choosing the right cloud provider

A trouble free migration to a cloud environment makes life a lot easier on all stakeholders, but often enterprises are led to believe the process is all smooth sailing. However It’s not as simple as copy and pasting, but with proper planning, you can avoid the headaches.

To help with the cloud migration process, I’ve outlined three critical success factors that will help you to have a more effective (and painless) switch. In this post, I will examine the third critical success factor, Choosing a Cloud Provider. (Click to read about the first two success factors, 1. Performing a Workload Analysis and 2. Getting the Application Cloud Ready)

Choosing the right cloud provider for you deployment is crucial to the ultimate success of the migration process. The environment you choose will affect the work that needs to be done in the planning period. Therefore, choosing a cloud provider should be done in tandem with getting the application cloud ready.

To navigate the sea of providers to find out which one is right for your company, you first need to know how much support your company will need with the migration process and also about the service offerings of all your potential providers. For a detailed and specific list of criteria and questions to ask potential providers, download my latest whitepaper A Practical Guide to Cloud Onboarding.

It’s easy to get caught up with service costs and budgetary restraints when starting a new project, but remember that one of the benefits of the cloud is the cost transparency. Though the ultimate price tag might seem daunting, remember that the end figure factors in the operational and support activities your company will no longer need to carry out.

Cloud Packaging - Guid to application onboarding

Take a look at the pricing approach of the cloud providers before you buy. Some cloud providers offer a tiered approach, offering a set amount of CPU core, RAM, and disk space with no room for custom configurations. If you require more on one element, you might be pushed into a new tier meaning you’ll pay for additional resources you don’t need. Other providers offer a per node/ VM approach or an even more granular independently customizable approach to pricing. Your workload analysis will have given you insight into the type of pricing package you need, so your only task is to find a provider who meets these needs.

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