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Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud

Benefits of hybrid cloud

Benefits of hybrid cloud

Enterprises see both advantages and disadvantage with public cloud. On the negative side, poor or no federated security, a lack of integration with management tools, no enterprise-ready data access controls and compliance issues. The latter will be a significant concern as compliance penalties get harsher and regulators begin to crack down on bad behavior.

Many cloud computing providers have recognized the issues above. Their solution is federated tools which allow security, system management and data to be managed as if they were part of the private cloud, despite being on the public cloud. These federated solutions also provide the capability to ensure that any data or applications sitting on the public cloud can remain in compliance.

The key challenges for all sizes of business are creating the private cloud and then integrating it with their chosen public cloud. Despite the new generation of federated tools, this will not be easy as there will be business logic to be written and changes to the way software is designed. This is where system integrators and top tier distributors will find a ready base of customers looking for skills and professional services.

Correctly configured, the hybrid cloud offers many benefits. Improved SLAs, the ability to scale an application out to hundreds of servers, the ability to do very specific types of computing, such as big data or application testing. However, the most important benefit of hybrid cloud is cost reduction and better fiscal management of IT. This benefit can be realised in several ways:

  • Reduced capital expenditure on new hardware and software
  • Reduced running costs on data centre power and cooling
  • Higher utilisation of resources which in turn lowers the cost of providing IT
  • Metering which allows application usage to be more effectively costed
  • Faster and more cost-effective access to new applications through Software as a Service
  • Ability to deploy new solutions more quickly

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