Watch Movie Online Life (2017)

Watch movie online Life (2017)

  • 10-02-2015

In 2015, enterprises, systems integrators and service providers will start to realize that the term “hybrid cloud” isn’t so black and white. Hybrid cloud, or better yet, Hybrid IT is a new approach to networking that should create a perfect harmony between on-premise, private, outsourced and public cloud environments.

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City Cloud, Public Cloud Built On OpenStack

City Cloud, public cloud built on OpenStack

  • 27-01-2015

City Network is one of the first infrastructure providers in Europe to launch a public cloud built on OpenStack which is available across multiple connected data centres. In this post I have a conversation with Johan Christenson, CEO of City Cloud, about this groundbreaking development in public cloud services.

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Can Get Levitra Nhs Commoditisation Of Cloud Infrastructure

can get levitra nhs Commoditisation of cloud infrastructure

  • 09-12-2014

The trend towards standardisation in the cloud IaaS market means it’s becoming possible to commoditise cloud infrastructure and trade it like any other commodity. One of the world’s leading stock exchange organisations, Deutsche Börse Group, is now applying its expertise to the cloud IaaS market.

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Hosting Providers Opting For Higher Quality Data Centers

Hosting Providers opting for higher quality data centers

  • 27-11-2014

Service providers are in a transitional phase between traditional hosting and cloud services, influenced by a change in customer demand. This is in turn causing a fundamental shift in how service providers source and operate their data centres. Where in the past service providers opted for tier 1 or 2 data centres to optimise margins, I see an increasing trend towards the use of higher quality data centres.

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A New Dawn For European Hosting Providers

A new dawn for European hosting providers

  • 21-11-2014

Times continue to change for European hosting providers. With more enterprises drawn to cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS) by the promise of cost reductions and increased scalability, traditional hosting and integration revenues are coming under pressure.

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How European Hosting Providers Differentiate

How European hosting providers differentiate

  • 14-11-2014

Global cloud providers are increasingly considered as the main competition in the eyes of local and regional service providers in Europe. According to Interxion’s annual research of the European hosting and cloud market, 37 percent of respondents view global providers as their main competition, which represents a significant spike from last year’s response of only 13 percent.

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Insight Into The Cloud Value Chain

Insight into the cloud value chain

  • 01-11-2014

cheap cialis Insight into the cloud value chain Enterprise IT departments and CIO’s are very much influenced by their trusted IT advisers. These in return are the channel for the global cloud providers like Microsoft and IBM and use their…

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Discount Levitra Prices How To Find Hybrid Harmony In The Data Center

discount levitra prices How to Find Hybrid Harmony in the Data Center

  • 28-10-2014

When it comes to public and private cloud solutions working in conjunction with each other, ‘hybrid harmony’ isn’t really that far away.
The challenge is that enterprises expect service providers to meet their capacity demands, without sacrificing the real-time performance. The problem for service providers is one of expectations – enterprises are accustomed to private cloud services, which offer a reliable, low latency, high throughput connection.

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Be Prepared For Cloud On-boarding

Be prepared for cloud on-boarding

  • 27-10-2014

Be prepared for cloud on-boarding Cloud on-boarding can be easy, like forklifting, but it depends on the preparations. First you need to consider what application goes where and then decide if you're going to re-host, re-configure or re-build it. Thats your…

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Price War In Cloud

Price war in cloud

  • 23-10-2014

Price war in cloud I'm seeing in the landscape that providers like Microsoft and Softlayer are trying to catch-up with AWS. But what became clear when Google announced their new pricing for compute is that there is a price war going on.…

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New IT Reality

New IT reality

  • 20-10-2014

New IT reality Consider the type of workloads that run in an organisation. If you look at those workloads the first thing you got to ask is what workload or application am I going to put where? Some workloads fit…

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